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 On-Road Braking Test

Experience how your braking reaction time affects your crash risk.


 Programs Minimize

   Customer Programs:

  • First-Time Driver Education - Driving Schools.
  • Parent-Teen Driver "Coaching" - Graduated Licensing.
  • Elderly Driver Perceptual & Motor Retraining.
  • Medical Post-Trauma Driver Rehabilitation.
  • Elected or Court Ordered Advanced Driver Training.
  • Law Enforcement - Tactical Driving.
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator Training.
  • Commercial Heavy Vehicle Fleet Training.
  • Racing Sport and Performance Driving Schools.
  • Military Convoy and Combat Vehicle Crash Protection.
  • Transit Bus, Taxi, and Delivery Fleet Training.
  • Intelligent Vehicle Technology.

   School Lease Partnership Program:

LiveDrive, Inc. offers a Lease Partnership Program for licensed driver education providers to build revenue. The program involves a Business Agreement between LiveDrive, Inc. and the Leasing Partner. In the Lease Partnership, LiveDrive, Inc. agrees to provide the Partner with EasyDriver® Trainers, a sample Leasing Contract used by the Partner for leasing EasyDriver® Trainers to clients, brochures for marketing the EasyDriver® Trainer, and EasyDriver® instructional material used by Partner clients to conduct training.

There is an obvious advantage in maintaining safe driving practices during the student's provisional license period. A leasing option for parents or driving coaches can provide a low cost enhancement of their in-vehicle supervision during some or all of the graduated licensing years. The EasyDriver® interface has been specifically designed for building a constructive parent-teen coaching relationship.

   School Try-Before-Buy Program:

LiveDrive, Inc. offers a 2-week Try-Before-Buy program for qualified driver education providers who wish to evaluate the EasyDriver® system in advance of purchasing 5 or more Trainers. This is a low risk opportunity for a company to decide their level of investment. The program ships a complete EasyDriver® Trainer, including a PocketPC with the EasyDriver® software installed. A deposit is held, equal to the purchase of one Trainer, subject to the terms of a damage/loss liability agreement and the standard EasyDriver® License.

   Auto and Truck Fleet Discounts:

The per Trainer cost is adjusted based on the number of Trainers purchased. Fleet driver training schools will typically enroll in the Try-Before-Buy program.

   1st Tier Equipment Supplier Program:

This is a special licensing and engineering services program for the 1st Tier Suppliers of parts and systems to Automobile and Truck manufacturers. The program includes a negotiated contract agreement for LiveDrive, Inc. to serve as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of EasyDriver® Trainers for use in either after-market applications or to embed EasyDriver® in existing automotive systems or new vehicle designs.

   Vehicle Manufacturer Incentive Program:

Cost and engineering support incentives are available for automotive and truck manufacturers to incorporate EasyDriver® technology as an integral component of manufactured vehicles. Specifically, any component of EasyDriver® can be used to enhance existing Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems; for manufacturers to economically incorporate forward motion warning in lower-end vehicles; and add constructive functionality to existing in-vehicle navigation or entertainment systems, etc.

   Custom User Interface Design:

LiveDrive, Inc. provides the engineering services required to work with Customers to adapt the EasyDriver® technology to meet special requirements. For example, a new 'Pacing' method was developed for use by emergency vehicle operators to learn the required vehicle pacing and pursuit skills used in law enforcement. Any aspect of EasyDriver® can be taylored to the training requirements of any customer!

   Vehicle Safety Research:

LiveDrive, Inc. has developed a software architecture for easily implementing a diversity of crash warning algorithms and user interfaces. EasyDriver® includes an expandable database, which presently stores over 15 driving performance parameters for each drive taken, e.g. drive date, time started, time finished, minutes tracking, minutes in each of 10 risk areas, overall percentage risk, overall time at risk, etc. Therefore, the relative advantage of experimental conditions can be measured.

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A major objective is to improve the driving skills of novice drivers.


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